Attack the Cancer - Not the Patient


Innovative technology that provides a step-change in the selectivity and potency of targeted cancer drugs

As novel biotherapeutics progress through the clinic and on to the market, toxicities generated due to the expression of the targeted antigens on healthy tissues represent a key concern linked with significant long-term morbidities and mortality.

Through direct experience in the NHS and with a leading Antibody Drug Conjugate ("ADC") sector specialist, the BiVictriX team has developed the Bi-Cygni    technology. Bi-Cygni    therapeutics target a novel cancer-restricted cell-surface fingerprint, which is absent from healthy cells. Enabling the development of anti-cancer drugs with a marked increase in tumour selectivity, together with improved potency.


BiVictriX fits within our investment criteria as the Company is developing novel drugs to treat cancers which have a particularly high unmet need. The Company has hit every key milestone and has received recognition from experts within the ADC sector.

Current Status

Positive in-vivo data has been generated by the lead asset which is a targeted therapeutic aimed at treating Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Acceleris have supported from incorporation

Acceleris Capital assisted in the spin-out of BiVictriX from the parent company ADC Biotechnology. As BiVictriX was a therapeutic company, it no longer made sense to operate within the parent company. Since incorporation, Acceleris has assisted in introducing £1.4m of equity investment alongside a range of services including;

  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services, funding strategy
  • Chairman & Company Secretary
  • Accounting support at incorporation
  • Web design, PR & Marketing