Power Roll Limited was established to develop and commercialise its highly innovative proprietary energy storage and energy generation technologies. Power Roll technologies exhibit a range of significant benefits and advantages over existing technologies such that it is likely that the technology can prove extremely disruptive across a wide range of applications and markets.

In 2011 Dr John Topping, the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer, developed the initial concept behind the Power Roll’s proprietary grooved based technologies and undertook initial proof of concept studies. In December 2012, John together with Saul Joicey co-founded and established Big Solar Limited (now Power Roll Limited) with some early stage seed capital.

In June 2013, the proposition was strengthened when Drew Johnson (Chairman), Ian McLeod (Non-executive Director), Gary Copeland (Non-executive Director) and Neil Spann (Managing Director) were introduced to the opportunity and provided the first significant investment. At that point activities were wholly focused on proving the concept of the solar PV technology, building and further strengthening the company’s IP and establishing the appropriate development team. By September 2015, the technology had been validated at lab-scale.

To support the need for additional equipment and resources a further equity fund raise was completed in November 2015. Since then the solar PV technology has been progressed and the Company has proven the concept behind its energy storage and nano-barrier technologies.

The company is now in scale-up and is working with world-leading partners to commercialise its novel technologies.

Power Roll has a strong intellectual property portfolio, with 15 different patent families already established. These patent families are spread across all three technologies with five directly related to Energy Storage, nine related to Solar PV and one focusing on the nano-barrier technology. Three of these families, including two patents covering the core architecture, have been granted across 46 countries including the USA and China as well as various European territories. Further patent information is available upon request.

Investment Thesis

Acceleris believe that the renewable energy sector needs a disruptively low-cost solution in order to enable mass scale of low carbon generation & storage. Power Roll's novel and protected platform technology provides a significant opportunity to achieve this. As energy demand increases, balanced with the urgent need for carbon reduction, Power Roll's disruptively low-cost products have the potential to be a key part of the low-carbon revolution.

  • 20x cheaper than existing flexible pv. Flexible pv is currently not economically viable, therefore, rooftop & off-grid are significantly underserviced markets. Power Roll's unit economics are already testing at an economically viable level compared to existing silicon and flexible pv
  • Micro-groove structures are simple and low-cost to manufacture. By licensing the platform to companies with advanced materials, the possibilities of the platform are vast. The potential in high-energy storage is significant.

Acceleris are proud that such a world-leading technology is being created out of the North-East of the UK and believe that the business has potential to continue to create a number of high-value employment opportunities for the area.

Acceleris Support

Acceleris have been engaged with the company since 2017, when the technology was yet to achieve proof of concept. Since that time, proof of concept has been achieved for the launch applications and a commercial joint venture has been signed with India's largest capacitor manufacturer. Acceleris have introduced capital to the business as well as providing ongoing corporate finance advice and strategy. Acceleris are currently engaged to introduce up to £5m of scale-up funding.