Welcome to The Vertical Future

Vertical Future is a technology company focused on building a better, more sustainable urban food production and supply system.

Established in 2016, we are fast-becoming a market leader in controlled environment food production, with our groundbreaking technologies, production activities, and research and development all set to have a major influence on the future of food.

In London, our first City of choice, we now have two active high-tech production sites, with further sites across London and the UK currently under discussion. Our products - sold under the name of MiniCrops - are regularly used in over 100 restaurants and thousands of households.

Our ultimate mission is to improve the long-term health of urban inhabitants – one leaf at a time

Successful Growth Capital Fundraise

The capital raised will be used to support the first phase of Vertical Future’s long-term, ambitious growth strategy. The company will see a 25x increase in crop production capacity across its London operations, aided by the development of two new ethical plant factories” in London Fields and Mayfair, as well as further developing its existing site in Deptford. Despite significantly more automation, this heightened production is expected to lead to 30 or more permanent local jobs, with more specialist roles focusing on the development of in-house growing tech, robotics, and process management.

The investment round was led by Earthworm – a fast-growing impact investor with a portfolio across food, energy, and waste – and supported by corporate finance adviser, Acceleris Capital. Also supporting the raise was Amberley Advisory and Gateley.

Ben Prior, CEO of Earthworm said: “Vertical farming offers huge potential in solving one of the biggest issues of our time – how to feed a growing population sustainably. We are really impressed with Jamie’s vision and work ethic, and the team at Vertical Future has a very special business poised for growth.”

Lord Nigel Crisp, Former Head of the NHS and Non-Executive Board Member at Vertical Future, added: “This is our first major move in this sector, enabling us to direct our work more towards health, in addition to purely producing food, in future years. Sustainable food will be one of society’s biggest health challenges and we aim to be at the forefront of the effort for better, long-lasting, tangible solutions”