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our evaluation process

Learning is a two-way street. We need to learn about your business, your background, the opportunity and market. We will ensure you have the tools and knowledge in order to sail through steps 2-4. We appreciate mutual respect and humility across all stages of our process. This will take the form of a few meetings, a workshop and an initial data collection process.
Following Education we will provide a completion plan proposal for the entire process. This will include all the investment readiness requirements, alongside the outreach and transaction process. We will work with you to create your pitch, teaser, investment memorandum, financial model and due diligence data room. We can house all of this on our secure deal making platform.
We will have identified a target list of appropriate investors for the outreach process. This means investors who look at your sector, your stage and who have the funds available to invest. We utilise market-leading real-time data to assist us in creating this list. We will agree this target list with you prior to outreach kick-off to ensure we don't approach any of your personal key contacts.
Negotiation and Close
Our aim is to kick-off the interested investors process as soon as we can, as these can take some time! However, it is key that we get the right terms for you, your existing shareholders and your future strategy. We will assist and advise on term sheet negotiations and then work with you and your team to close the process efficiently. Including assistance throughout due diligence.
What's Next?
When the transaction is completed we advise all of our clients to celebrate! This is a hard process and a very big achievement. We will then be delighted to stay with your company to ensure we can approach the next funding round from a strong position. We also assist with ongoing governance requirements.