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We focus on investments that make a difference

Our Mission

The level of capital available for innovative UK companies is not sufficient. We are working to bring together like-minded private investors & family offices to commercialise UK innovation on a global scale.

Rooted in traditional merchant banking practices and process, Acceleris Capital provide access to deal by deal venture capital offers that are high-quality, thoroughly evaluated and have potential for significant returns.

Across 20 years we have introduced £160m to early-stage enterprise, with a track record of exits and less than 10% of capital lost.

Combining Impact & Financial Returns

Vertical Future

Vertical Farming
The next level of Vertical Farming - Advanced, fully automated vertical farming solutions
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BiVictrix Therapeutics

Reinventing cancer therapy through the development of truly selective, highly potent therapies
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Power Roll

Renewable Energy
A new way to generate and store energy - Power Roll has now proven its game-changing technology
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Exclusive access to your own Venture Deal Room

  • View all live venture deals curated by Acceleris Capital, download all professional documentation and request further due diligence information
  • View your entire venture capital portfolio, as an aggregated top-level view, broken down by individual investment, or even share class
  • View shareholder updates, download your share certificates and tax certificates, ask questions and easily monitor your venture portfolio investments

We ensure complete alignment of interests

  • There are no fees on your investment
  • Acceleris invest and take warrant positions in each company to ensure complete alignment to success.
  • Management incentives are aligned with all shareholders and regularly reviewed to promote company growth without bias.
our values

Professional Investment Process


Internal and external diligence of the business, its market and management together with a documented risk assessment.

Corporate Finance review ensure appropriate funding and the correct terms.

Acceleris receive in the region of 500 opportunities per year and present 4-6 new deals to our investors per annum.

Follow-on investments are made using the same assessment process.


Each proposal is thoroughly documented in an investment memorandum detailing the results of the assessment and investment terms.

Each investment is completed in a straight-forward share structure with an accompanying Shareholders Agreement which provides protections for all of our investors.

Acceleris Capital manage the completion of the transaction and bring together the relevant professional services in order to complete.


Continued monitoring of each investment by way of monitoring rights and the right to appoint a board representative.

Regular updates and investment documentation available via online platform.

Management incentives aligned with all shareholders and regularly reviewed to promote company growth without bias.

Deal by Deal Venture Capital Offer

  • Offer Type

    Deal by Deal Direct Investment Opportunities
  • Sector Focus

    Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Technology
  • Strategy

    High Growth, game-changing enterprise with global ambition
  • Portfolio Opportunity

    4-6 new opportunities per annum plus follow-on
  • Tax Relief

    Where applicable, EIS tax relief on 100% of subscription, immediately when invested
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