Investing in UK enterprise with global potential

Supporting companies from an early-stage throughout their lifecycle to exit or other significant increase in value
High quality dealflow from academia, large corporate and businesses seeking expansion
"The UK continues to be a world leader in science, technology & innovation, providing a healthy pipeline of dealflow ripe for investment & commercialisation."
Regulated Expertise
FCA authorised and regulated corporate finance house producing thorough documentation, diligence and risk identification. Deal by deal investing allows for the most effective structure for each individual deal - to align interests of founders, management & investors
Clear Sector Focus
Focus on three core areas; tech, sustainability & health & wellbeing. Each sector provides opportunity for significant market disruption and allows for a diverse, yet complimentary portfolio of venture stage assets
Ongoing Monitoring
Lifecycle support & advice, including ongoing monitoring by way of information rights and board representation. Access to our global network of advisors and investors in order to syndicate future growth stage funding

Increasing the firepower of private capital

The level of capital available for innovative UK companies is not sufficient. We are working to bring together like-minded private investors & family offices to commercialise UK innovation on a global scale.

Rooted in traditional merchant banking practices and process, Acceleris Capital bring deal by deal venture capital offers to our community that have the ability to achieve significant scale.

This increase in capital firepower for innovation will give entrepreneurs the time and confidence to run their business, generate value, create UK employment and of course, achieve significant returns
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A Professional Investment Process


Internal and external diligence of the business, its market and management together with a documented risk assessment

Corporate Finance review ensure appropriate funding and the correct terms

Acceleris receive in the region of 500 opportunities per year and present 4-6 new deals to our investors per annum.

Follow-on investments are made using the same assessment process.


Each proposal is thoroughly documented in an investment memorandum detailing the results of the assessment and investment terms

Each investment is completed in a straight-forward share structure with an accompanying Shareholders Agreement which provides protections for all our investors.

Acceleris Capital manage the completion of the transaction and bring together the relevant professional services in order to complete.


Continued monitoring of each investment by way of information rights and the right to appoint a board representative.

Regular updates and investment documentation available via online platform.

Management incentives aligned with all shareholders and regularly reviewed to promote company growth without bias.

“The processes and documentation that Acceleris Capital put in place speeds up the decision making on our investments.”

Jon Moulton - Perscitus LLP
Our Target Sectors

UK SMEs with global ambition

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Focuses on entrepreneurs working to improve the quality of life of the population from developing new targeted drugs to improving the diagnosis of food allergies and much more in-between
  • Sustainability

    Focuses on companies improving the outlook of tomorrow by generating cleaner energy or more sustainable processes for everyday requirements such as food production and transportation
  • Tech

    We look for innovators who are shaping the face of tomorrow by improving efficiencies,
    increasing connectivity and developing the unimaginable.
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