Acceleris Invited on Trade Delegation to San Francisco to Promote UK Venture Capital

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Acceleris Corporate Finance Director, Patrick Molyneux, has been invited on a trade delegation to San Francisco with the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the City of London (Alderman William Russell).

Patrick will be representing regional venture capital investment and the regional investment ecosystem.

The City of London has organised to visit to build relationships with West Coast VCs, identify  specific opportunities for UK business, promote the UK’s innovation in Financial Services, and support increased trade and investment between the UK and North America in Financial Services.

The objective of the trip is to provide a balanced, senior delegation to demonstrate the strength, diversity and innovation of the UK Financial and Related Professional Services (FRPS) industry.

Patrick aims to promote inward investment into UK early stage technology enterprise. The UK is a world leader in innovation and Acceleris believe there is a large opportunity to educate  United States Investors on the activities of the UK early-stage investment eco system.


The Lord Mayor of the City of London undertakes an extensive annual overseas visits programme, acting as an Ambassador for the UK’s FRPS industry. We are building a focused FRPS business delegation to accompany this visit to North America. These visits support companies to access new markets and open up commercial opportunities through targeted meetings and senior networking. In return, the delegation can support the Lord Mayor in delivering a confident message about the strength and competitiveness of the City of London and the wider UK FRPS industry.

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