Acceleris Spin-Out from Seneca Partners

Spint-out to focus on Seed to Series A Advisory
Written by
Anne Ritter
Published on
April 11, 2022

Established North West capital finance advisory firm Acceleris Capital has announced a return to Greater Manchester as part of a formal spin-out from Seneca Partners Limited. The spin-out is on the back of increasing demand from regional SMEs for capital advisory services, fundraising support and post-transaction assistance

Acceleris has more than 20 years’ experience in advising SMEs on corporate strategy and is a Nationwide expert in securing and arranging investments by high net worth individuals and institutions into high growth technology companies.

As part of the spin-out, Acceleris Capital has received its own FCA authorisations to conduct advisory work and the team has relocated to the prestigious Bridgeman Terrace townhouses in Wigan, Greater Manchester, taking 1,500 sq. ft office space.

Seneca Partners will continue to provide a range of investment and advisory services to UK SMEs, including growth capital through their EIS Portfolio Service and recently launched VCT.

Norman Molyneux, Executive Chairman of Acceleris Capital said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the development of Seneca’s business from incorporation to its leading space in the market. We believe the time is now right to spin-out as an independent company, to continue supporting earlier stage SMEs through to scale-up.

Looking forward, we would like to grow our advisory service and feel privileged to continue to play our part in driving innovation across the UK within healthcare, fintech, cleantech and software.”

Simon Thorn, Managing Director of Acceleris Capital commented, “We believe in our strategy of supporting quality companies with thesis led investments conducted over the full lifecycle of a company. Our model is supported by our track record and we will continue to educate the market on the benefits of long-term capital strategies and our corporate advisory services. Our retained corporate clients are able to access independent fundraising advice at all stages of a company’s development through to exit, which is a strong differentiator when compared to ‘introducers’ who have entered the market in recent years. When added to our post investment role with our client companies, investors are comforted that their money is being looked after.”

Thorn added, “It is great to be back in Greater Manchester at such an exciting time of growth for the region. Our new space has excellent transport links for London, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh and we intend to support only the highest quality early-stage companies from across the nation.”

Acceleris enjoys a twenty-year track record with two IPOs, several trade sales and an informal network of leading high net worth investors. The focus is to provide support throughout a company’s lifecycle and ensure only quality is introduced to its investors.

Molyneux, added: “We will continue to grow our accessible pools of capital, whether that be through high net worth individuals seeking to build their own portfolio of disruptive and impactful investments, or building our relationships with the nation’s leading investment institutions and wealth managers. We are excited by the strength of our offer at a time when investors seek to take further control of their overall portfolios alongside the ever-growing importance of investment diversification.

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