BiVictriX announces expansion of its therapeutic pipeline with two additional drug discovery programmes

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BiVictriX Therapeutics plc (AIM: BVX), an emerging biotechnology company applying a novel approach to develop next generation cancer therapies using insights derived from frontline clinical experience, today announces the expansion of the Company’s therapeutic pipeline with two additional programmes, BVX002 and BVX003, both entering the early stages of drug development.

BVX002 and BVX003 target novel cancer-specific twin antigen fingerprints, incorporating the Company’s proprietary Bi-Cygni® technology, alongside the established and validated Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) mechanism-of-action, to form the next-generation of Bi-Cygni® ADCs with superior cancer selectivity.These programmes enable the targeting of several haematological and solid tumour cancer indications and will be developed alongside BiVictriX’s lead asset, BVX001, which has a lead indication in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia(AML). This pipeline expansion demonstrates the broad utility of the Bi-Cygni®approach across a wide range of solid tumour and haematological cancer types which constitute areas of significant unmet medical need, and further highlights the potential expansion of the platform in novel areas of immuno-oncology.

Read the Full Press Release Here

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