BiVictriX Therapeutics plc, the developer of targeted cancer therapies based on its novel Bi-Cygni® approach, announces its intention to apply for admission to trading on AIM a market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc.

The group, which develops targeted cancer therapies based on its Bi-Cygni approach, will use the money for lead asset BVX001, an antibody-drug conjugate that has generated “encouraging” preclinical data compared to similar drugs already on the market, including potential anti-cancer activity.

The first trials will focus on acute myeloid leukaemia.

The funds will also be used to expand the firm’s early-stage pipeline to include two additional candidates with preclinical proof of concept, grow its intellectual property portfolio and expand its internal capabilities.

After admission, founder and chief executive Tiffany Thorn will be joined by non-executive chairman Iain Ross and a board of directors selected from the pharma industry and academia.

“By targeting combinations of antigens expressed primarily on cancer cells, our unique approach enables clinicians to treat patients with higher precision and potentially higher doses of medication,” Thorn said in a release.

“This promises to lead to better cancer eradication, without causing harmful side-effects to the patient. Our approach could prove to be a game-changing avenue for patients diagnosed with some of the most difficult-to-treat cancers.”

Acceleris have advised BiVictriX since startup, providing corporate finance advice, fundraising, strategic services, company secretary and marketing services to the business. This company is another case study of our model to provide far more than fundraising and we are immensely proud of the achievement to float on teh AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

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