Building a successful enterprise is hard, especially when your concept is novel, untested and requires patient, risk-tolerent investors to succeed. Since joining Acceleris Capital 6 years ago, I have been working with a wide range of innovative companies at the forefront of their respective fields and relish assisting these companies on that journey.

I was lucky to begin my career as an early member of a high-growth technology startup in the north-west of England. That company went on to achieve significant growth and eventual PE sale and experiencing this journey first-hand was the most beneficial business school possible. My background in software development and tech was complimented with extensive corporate finance training, resulting in me now being a chartered MCSI and a holder of the CFQ diploma.

At Acceleris, I focus on working with early-stage companies on their funding strategy, communication to the market and their commercial strategy. My background enables me to provide advice and support on technology UX/UI, route to market and sales.

I believe that the UK Venture Capital Industry needs to collaborate and work as one team to realise the significant scale-up companies we all crave. As part of this belief, I am honoured to sit on the membership and events committee of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association and also to be a delegate with the Mayor of the City of London's outreach program and the Department of International Trade.

Looking forward, I would like to see the UK venture capital industry open their doors to significant cheque sizes for innovative technology companies that have evidenced a large commercial market. UK founders are spending too much time fundraising and receiving insufficient or inappropriate funding in return.

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