Wiring the North West for venture scale growth

Introducing the Wired for Growth Taskforce. Joining the dots for founders between advice, education and funding.
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Our collective thinking: Wiring the North West for venture scale growth

We posed questions to local leaders, founders and key influencers from the tech ecosystem in the North West.

We’ve taken their voices and distilled their views to create the our first Wired for Growth report: Wiring the North-West for venture scale growth.

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The report distils our thinking so far on how to accelerate the growth and funding of ambitious start ups in the North West – through founder education and recommendations for how the region’s ecosystem can better support start up founders.

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It also identifies five steps we can take as a collective community to foster an environment where venture scale businesses can thrive.

Wired for Growth

Our why

It’s time for all stakeholders in the North West venture scale ecosystem to come together and design our support around the needs of actual founders. We must drive positive change, by empowering our region’s founders to access the education capital they need; and by supporting their successful growth journeys so that funding genuinely becomes an output of successful companies, rather than the other way round.

Tiffany Thorn
Founder and CEO

“I found raising the funding for an IPO to be a very different process than early private rounds, from individuals and venture funds.”

Nicola Weedall
Founder and CEO

“I wish I’d been braver when navigating my first funding round. I now realise it’s okay to ask questions and lean into the network of people who’ve done it before.”

Andy Hulme
Head of Innovation and Growth

“We need to work smarter to join up the help and support for startups and scale ups in the region. We have to find ways of shining a spotlight on promising scale ups to make it easier to connect investable propositions to investors.”

Danny Manu
Founder & CEO

“I was stretched too thin, and it took me too long to appreciate that investment could help me scale and take the pressureoff. I needed help to understand how a small company can grow into a householdbrand. I knew how to make money, not how to look for money or get investors.”

Janine Smith
Head of Business Growth Hub

“We constantly see businesses looking to scale and grow but lacking the knowledge and understanding of where to start seeking investment. Education is key to this. We need to work as an ecosystem to provide businesses with the tools, guidance, programmes of support and meetups that will help with this journey.”

Mark Wyatt
Investment Director

“It’s really encouraging to see the depth of people and organisations interested in the challenge of raising finance. It can be a fragmented ecosystem and hard to navigate, but there is a real collegiate mentality. So don’t be afraid to ask for guidance.”

Founder Education

What do founders need?

Better knowledge means more power to grow and succeed. Why not start at the beginning?


Starting a Venture Scale Business

Running a startup is not for the faint-hearted. Are you up for the challenge?


Raising First Equity Investment

Decide what type of investment will suit your business and personal goals. Are you prepared to access funding?


Scaling your business for growth

Prepare yourself for the move from founder to CEO. Are you ready to grow?

Improving the experience for Founders

How can the ecosystem support them?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a more thriving environment for founders – business, investors and the government. What role will you play?


The role for businesses

Help to facilitate connections and learning opportunities for founders. Will you help shape the businesses of tomorrow?


The role for Investors

Be transparent and clear in your expectations and mostimportantly your measure returns from a founder. Will you help the next venture scale business raise capital?


The role for government

Incentivise and support the wider tech ecosystem in makingeducation, networks and access to funding more accessible to UK founders. Will you support the next UK unicorn?

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Our recommendations

How can we move the dial?

At Wired for Growth, we’re just beginning our work supporting venture scale businesses in the North West. We see three key areas where focused efforts could improve the help available.
Will you support us?


A network for founders

A founder-centric ecosystem at every growth stage is crucial and must be designed around the needs of founders andtheir journey.


Better access to capital

Clear, comprehensive information about the angel investment, venture capital funds, debt financing, and grants available to founders is needed.


Robust founder education

A cohesive approach to educating founders, and enhancing the transparency of the legal and financial implications of scaling a business is an imperative.

Meet the taskforce

If you want to join our mission, please email us at wiredforgrowth@kpmgacceleris.co.uk

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