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Acceleris Capital is a leading Fundraising Advisory and Investment Firm, providing capital raising advisory services to early-stage enterprise alongside the provision of quality venture capital deals for Angel, Family Office & Professional Investors


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"The processes and documentation that Acceleris have put in place speeds up our decision making."

Jon Moulton - Perscitus LLP
At Acceleris we respect how difficult, yet rewarding, the early-stage ventures market is. We look to build long-lasting relationships with our Entrepreneurs & Investors built on trust, mutual respect and hard work.

Our mission is to support UK innovators with their capital raising and growth, in order to maximise the potential, create global impact and of course, realise significant returns for our investors.
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Deal by Deal Venture Capital

  • Offer Type

    Deal by Deal Direct Investment Opportunities
  • Sector Focus

    Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Technology
  • Strategy

    High Growth, game-changing enterprise with global ambition
  • Portfolio Opportunity

    4-6 new opportunities per annum plus follow-on
  • Tax Relief

    Where applicable, EIS tax relief on 100% of subscription, immediately when invested

Common Questions

What do you mean by ‘Venture Capital’?
All companies start from an idea and can potentially grow in to huge multinational corporations. From idea to multinational, there are different investors along the way. All the way from Venture Capital in the early stages through to Private Equity, mezzanine and IPO.

Within Venture Capital there are sub category's, usually referred to as "Seed Stage" (getting a company going, usually no revenues), "Early-Stage" (proof of concept achieved, maybe some small revenues that evidence the business model) and "Growth Stage" (the company is flying, let's pour some more capital in and aggressively take the market).

Venture Capital is usually in the form of an equity investment into unlisted securities. The investor then receives shares in the company. It can also be invested by the way of convertible loans and in some cases venture debt. As these are usually private companies, the shares are illiquid, so the grand prize is only achievable at a liquidity event. This is usually a trade sale or a listing onto a market.

Venture Capital is the highest risk form of investing but can offer the ability to generate significant returns if a company grows successfully. There are a number of ways to mitigate the risk of venture capital investing;


Build a portfolio of 8-10 investments across different sectors.

Tax Efficiency for UK residents

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a risk share between the government and private investors. In order to stimulate investment into unlisted securities, the government offers a range of generous tax incentives.

Venture Support

Venture Capital often comes with services to assist a company in it's early stages. From accounting and bookkeeping, to design and marketing and most importantly, opening doors to potential customers.

Thorough Due Diligence and Risk Analysis

Ensure that before making any venture capital investment, a thorough evaluation has taken place. Acceleris have 20 years experience in evaluating Venture Capital opportunities.
Are your investment opportunities eligible for EIS & SEIS?
Our company's are usually eligible for EIS & SEIS due to their knowledge intensive nature and their stage of development. We believe EIS & SEIS is a wonderful initiative to drive investment into perceived high risk offers. However, we do not believe it is right to market these opportunities with EIS & SES front & centre. We invest in each company on its merits and the opportunity it presents. We see EIS & SEIS as a personal benefit not as a sole reason to deploy capital.

We have a 100% record in EIS approvals and work with the nations leading tax advisors to ensure each EIS application is submitted correctly and effectively.

Because our investments are deal by deal, 100% of the tax incentives are available as soon as you have made your investment. This is different to usual EIS fund products who manage your investment and deploy it over time.

Are you an Investment Fund?
No we are not. Acceleris provide curated deal by deal investment opportunities, providing private individuals the ability to build a diversified venture portfolio of their choice, backed up by strong processes. This allows each deal to be structured for long-term value growth.

Our investors benefit from all the best parts of a fund, without the restrictive fund management structures. This allows us to structure each deal with the best interests of all parties in mind. We believe this enables true scale and efficient growth.

How do I receive investment from you?
Acceleris Capital do things differently. Being one of the only FCA regulated advisory service providers for early-stage, we have earned a reputation for backing talented and innovative entrepreneurs. We take pride in investing in companies that are helping shape tomorrow. Our experienced and skilled investment team, based in the North West of England, invests in UK-based companies with global ambition and the potential to service large and growing markets.

Our investment strategy is focused on three main areas:

1.     Technology
2.     Health and Wellbeing
3.     Sustainability

These sectors are shaping the economies of tomorrow and are currently being supported global capital flows.

Technology - We look for innovators who are shaping the face of tomorrow by improving efficiencies,
increasing connectivity and developing the unimaginable.

Health and Wellbeing focuses on entrepreneurs working to improve the quality of life of the population from developing new targeted drugs to improving the diagnosis of food allergies and much more in-between.  

Sustainability focuses on companies improving the outlook of tomorrow by generating cleaner energy or more sustainable processes for everyday requirements such as food production and transportation.