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Seed Stage Venture Fundraising Service

A managed fundraising service for seed stage technology companies with busy, ambitious founders
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  • Finding the right investment partner at seed is critical. Get it wrong, or agree on the wrong terms, and the ability to raise further rounds of capital can be impossible

  • Benefit from our significant seed stage experience to optimise your pitch and capital strategy

  • Warm introductions to our investment community

  • Long-term partnership with a global firm to fuel your scale to Series-A

Funds Raised

Capital introduced by our  team into companies from seed through to Growth Transactions

Deals Done

Successful fundraising transactions completed including startup, IPO and exit deals

Investor network

Engaged network of investors across angel investors, VC firms, family office and Private Equity
Optimise the process

Perfect your Investment Pitch

Your deck, your model, your plan. The core elements of your approach to market have to resonate in the competitive Seed stage market. Good documents will secure a meetings, good preparation closes a funding round.
  • You will receive guidance and support from our team of VC fundraising experts, sector experts and investors.
  • The output will be a clear, articulate pitch deck, supported by compelling and detailed information to streamline the evaluation process.
Safia, the founder of clubzero
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Safia Qureshi,
Seed Stage Founder
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Global investor community

Find the right investment partner

Researching, identifying and building relationships with venture capital investors is time-consuming, difficult to navigate and often requires existing relationships.
  • Highly focused investor targeting relevant to your stage, sector, region and long-term strategy. We combine our global network with real-time data to ensure your outreach is efficient and successful.
  • Our investment community includes angel, family office, regional, sector specific and institutional investors. Benefit from warm introductions to this network as part of our core offering.
Who we work with

Our Seed Fundraising Criteria

  • A fundraise of £1m-£2m
  • At seed stage we seek to work with cutting-edge technologies solving macro-economic level challenges. Typically these are in the Life-Sciences, DeepTech or ESG focused sectors
  • Past Minimum Viable Product with initial traction and growing. Approaching commercialisation or achieving early-revenues, but no strict revenue criteria at seed stage
  • Require funding for product improvements, strategic development or further sales growth to unlock Series-A
Eleanor Harry,
Seed Stage Founder


Our pricing model is fully aligned with success.

% Commission

Payable on completion of the funding round.

Share Warrant

An opportunity to acquire shares in your business at a future date. This aligns us with you and your investors.

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