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Seed Stage Fundraising

Safia Qureshi is the founder and CEO of Clubzero.

Award-winning Architect, innovation designer and educator - Safia is now building the infrastructure for Sustainable food and Beverage.

Combining product innovation, system and service design with digital architecture - Clubzero is leading the way in the reusable packaging revolution

Founder Story // Safia Qureshi // Clubzero
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Who is this for?

At KPMG Acceleris, we understand that no two startups are alike. That's why our team of experts works closely with founders to create customised venture funding strategies that align with your unique goals and vision. By leveraging our extensive network of venture capital and angel investors, we maximise your chances of securing the funding you need to drive growth and success.


We look to work with passionate founders from all backgrounds who are building startups in ESG, Biotech, Deep Tech and Proprietary Software. We prefer it if your startup is SEIS/ EIS eligible.

Seed Stage

We look to work with companies who are past their minimum viable product, have some early traction and are focusing on building their team and their strategy as they prepare for the next phase of growth.


We require a minimum fundraise of £500k, a highly motivated team, a clear and validated understanding of your competitive advantage and an initial draft of your business strategy and financial model.

What is the Process?

Our seed-stage fundraising advisory services are designed specifically for high-growth startups in the technology and innovation sectors. We assist companies with a thorough analysis of their funding requirements, assist in the crafting of compelling pitch decks and executive summaries and utilise our global network to identify the ideal VC investors and angel investors for your business. We then assist with navigating the negotiation and deal structuring to arrive at a successful completion.

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Post-Engagement we optimise the capital planning process, consult on your pitch materials (including the financial model), and conduct market research on your sector to confirm the ideal investor target list


We manage the outreach and administration of pitch meetings and ensure efficient and high quality process management to arrive at term sheets with your ideal investment partner.


Our team have completed over 400 venture fundraising transactions. Utilise our expertise to negotiate appropriate investment terms and project manage the legal process/ due diligence

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