Founding Partner / Chairman

Norman Molyneux

Norman Molyneux is the founder of KPMG Acceleris, with an impressive 21-year track record in the industry. Since incorporation,  Acceleris has successfully facilitated funding of approximately £200 million for over 50 companies and secured various exit strategies, including private equity, trade, and IPOs. The company's rigorous due diligence, comprehensive documentation, and diligent post-investment monitoring have led to an exceptional retention rate of invested funds.

Specialising in long-term, patient investments, Norman and his team foster strong relationships between management and shareholders, ensuring the right components are in place for success. Notably, Acceleris has taken three biotech startups to IPO, facilitated the exit of a telecom infrastructure company to private equity, and the sale of a mobile communications firm to Amstrad.

As the Chairman of the newly-formed joint venture between KPMG and Acceleris, Norman oversees KPMG Acceleris, an FCA-regulated advisory firm catering to early-stage, technology-based companies with global expansion ambitions. The firm focuses on strategic high-growth advisory, capital raising, and securing realisation events. KPMG Acceleris has cultivated a vast nationwide network of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and global venture capital funds that invest in client companies on a deal-by-deal basis.

In addition to his professional achievements, Norman is serving his second term as a lay member of the council at the University of Liverpool and holds a position on the Enterprise Board. He has also been a long-standing member of the Advisory Board at the University of Liverpool Management School. Furthermore, Norman contributes his expertise to the Infection Innovation Consortium (iiCON) Advisory Board, which is dedicated to developing a leading global centre for infectious disease R&D in the North-West of England as part of a £173.4 million program.

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