Partner, Head of Products and Partnerships

Patrick Molyneux

As a Partner and Head of Products and Partnerships at KPMG Acceleris, Patrick is deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs and supporting innovation in the fundraising ecosystem. With over 14 years of experience in the early-stage ecosystem and a background in both professional services and entrepreneurship, Patrick brings a unique perspective to venture capital fundraising transactions.

At KPMG Acceleris, Patrick is responsible for developing and launching new products and services that help clients raise capital more efficiently and effectively. This includes creating proprietary fundraising tools and building out new service lines that can better support clients throughout the fundraising process. He also manages strategic partnerships with other organizations in the fundraising ecosystem to bring new value to clients and offer a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Patrick is passionate about the work that KPMG Acceleris does and the impact it has on the entrepreneurship community. Whether advising on a £20m Series A fundraise in Agtech or a £6m fundraise in Cleantech, he is deeply committed to helping startups and entrepreneurs achieve their fundraising goals. His leadership and vision have positioned the firm to continue driving innovation in the fundraising advisory space and delivering exceptional results for clients

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